I never felt
As alive
As I do
Next to you

And what it means
To be in love?
Make sense to me
Since I found you

Look in my eyes, touch my skin
And the storm inside begins
Let it rise, let it grow
I had never felt so strong

The purest eyes I’ve ever seen
Feeling like this is a dream
To my heart, you are the source
From this moment I am yours

Believe in love (x8)

I don’t really know how long this will remain
So I’m holding on to these happy days
When you love, you can’t lose
Let it take control of you

I don’t really care about what they say
All I want to see is your smiling face
Shining through, in the dark
Love is growing from the spark

Believe in love (x8)

(You’re) all that really matters to me now
And believe me now when I’m saying
All that really matters to me is only you

Nothing else matters
I can’t stop thinking about you
All that really matters to me is only you

Believe in love (x8)