When I close my eyes
I’ll be thinking of us
Nothing more, nothing more

Something you wanna change
Something you think is strange
I am sure, I am sure

If you look in my eyes
All I want is your love
Nothing more, nothing more

But you don’t wanna try
Something inside me dies
I’ll be better alone

You don’t believe in us, no (x2)
You don’t care and it shows (x2)

Well, you know
When you’ll leave me
I will stand so strong
(Do you believe me or not?)
And I know
The love I gave you
I can give to myself, first of all

Waking up every day
I just need to be brave
Nothing more, nothing more

If you think you can hold me
I’ve almost forgot
You won’t hold me at all

Because you had your chance
Now it doesn’t make sense
And you know it, you know

Sick of being confused
Now it’s time that I do
Something more, even more

Nothing more
I just wanted your love
But it was never enough

When I close my eyes
I see only sunrise
Nothing more, nothing more